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We Offer a range of different Services to suit your needs.

CNC & Manual Machining

Precision is in our blood

CNC Machine

Precision is in our blood. Getting it right first time is second nature and a commercial necessity. Our modern CNC machines, contemporary manual machines and highly skilled personnel ensure that we regularly achieve our customers’ expectations - often exceeding them. We frequently machine a wide range of materials either in batch production or as one offs.

We have the ability and experience of producing precision components from a wide range of materials including Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, Titanium, Nickel Alloys, Aluminium, Plastics and Mild Steel.

Engine Cuts
Engine Parts
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Coating & Blasting

To satisfy some of our customers’ requirements, in 2002 we invested in a modern Shot Blasting and Powder Coating facility. This resource is able to accommodate components of up to 6m long for blasting (shot, grit, sand and glass) powder coating and wet spraying in the full range of RAL colours

Due to our customer’s manufacturing & engineering requirements we are often required to powder coat items produced. The company have invested in a new area on-site for both convenience & economic advantage.

We can offer High Quality surface finishes in Powder Coat and Wet Paint up to 6 metres in length. Shot Blasting is carried out in our purpose built booth where parts up to 20 Feet in length can be accommodated.

  • Powder Coating
  • Grit Blast
  • Wet Spray

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Powder Coating

Fabrication & Welding

Fabrication & Welding

Our extensive range of welding plant, processes and certifications enable us to offer services in MIG, TIG, MMA and Gas welding of a wide variety of materials including; Aluminium, Stainless Steels, Inconel, Titanium and other nickel and exotic materials. Our certification to ASME 1X is your surety of our welding quality and our experience enables us to offer an assured standard of workmanship.

We can offer site Welding and Installation services.

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Steel Metalworking

Complimenting our comprehensive fabrication capabilities is our Sheet-metalwork facility where we can cut, bend or fold sheets up to 2.5m long. All metals are regularly handled and this along with our well established links with several laser, water and plasma cutting companies enables us to offer an unrivalled local service at inexpensive prices.

Small batch runs and one offs are our speciality in precision sheet-metalwork.

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Sheet Metalwork

Capacity List

Capacity List

We have a large factory with an array of equipment and machinery.

  • CNC and Manual Precision Machining
  • Fabrications
  • Sheet-Metalwork
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous Welding
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Powder Coating
  • Shot Blasting

Turning Section:

2 Turning centres, 1 CNC Lathe, 3 Centre Lathes, 1 Capstan Lathe.

1 XYZ 250 CNC Turning Centre Siemens 810D 250dx220x650 c/w bar feed
1 XYZ 250 CNC Turning Centre Siemens 810D 250dx220x650 c/w live tooling
1 XYZ Proturn CNC Lathe 400 x 2000 between centres Colchester Mascot, Taper Turning (17 dia x 80” between centres)
1 XYZ 410 Centre Lathe 410 dia x 1500mm centres DRO 
1 XYZ 440 VS Centre Lathe 410 dia x 1500mm centres DRO
1 Ward 7D Capstan lathe

Milling Section:

2 Vertical CNC Machining Centres, 4 CNC Turret Mills.

1 XYZ Vulcan Machining Centre 1050 x 500 x 500 Siemens 810 c/w Siemens 4th axis.
1 XYZ 560 Machining Centre 560 x 400 x 500 Siemens 810
1 XYZ DPM 5000 3 axis CNC Bedmill 1500 x 500 x 500
3 Prototrax CNC 2 axis Turret Mills (1000 x 410 table surface CNC)

Grinding Section:

1 Universal Cylindrical, 1 Lathe, Toolpost Grinder.

Ribbon RUR 500 Universal Grinder (10” dia x 24” between centres)
Wolf Tool-post Grinder
Clarkeson Tool and Cutter Grinder

Drilling Section:

1 Four Bank Pillar Drill, 2 Single Spindle, 1 Three Bank Pillar Drill.

Elliott High Speed Single Spindle
Herbert 3 Spindle
Fobco Single Spindle

Slotting Section:

1 Pratt and Whitney 12” Slotter 12” stroke

Cutting Section:

Guillotine, Band Saws Cold Saw, Flame Cutting, Notching.

1 K&B Guillotine (2500x6mm)
1 XYZ 10” Horizontal Bandsaw
1 Startrite 12” Horizontal Bandsaw
1 Eisele VMS 300 Cut off saw
1 Mec Brown 75 Cut off saw
Oxy-acetylene Gas Cutting & Profiling Equipment
Arc-Air Plasma Cutting on ALL metals up to 12mm thick

Forming & Folding:

Pipe Bending, Bar Bending, , Power Pressing/Punching, Fly Press, Rolling Machines.

1 Promecam CNC Brake press 65T x 2500mm
1 Amada SP 30T Punch
1 Femco Corner notcher (150x150x6mm)
1 Hercules Power Angle Roller (75 x 75 x 6 capacity)
1 Bliss Stoke Power Press (16mm capacity)
1 HF EPCO Hydraulic Press (10 tonnes)
1 Tubular Pipe Bender H3 PR (75mm capacity)

Welding Section:

MIG & TIG Welding, Spot Welding, Arc Welding, Gas Welding and Brazing. Certificates to BS EN 287 currently held

2 Miller 350 LX Syncrowave Tig Welder
1 Miller 300 P Syncrowave Tig Welder
1 Kemppi Mastertig 3500w
1 Stel 160 Inverter Tig
1 Lincoln 351 Mig master
1 Miller Integra 243 Mig
1 New Arc 330 MIG Welder
1 Standard Resistance 25 KVA Spot Welder
1 Normand Vari-speed powered rotary table

Machine Builds & Assembly

It would be very right and safe to assume that the capabilities of the Company’s plant and equipment coupled with skills and experience of the Company’s workforce enables it to offer a complete ‘one stop’ service in building special purpose machines, one offs and prototypes.

Complete, fully factory tested, machines are frequently built for a variety of use in a wide range of industries. Sub assemblies and part built machines are also offered.

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Machine Builds

BSA Rational Automation

Roll Nife Cutters

Precision Cross Cutting across Band Conveyors

The BSA Rational Automation "Roll-Nife" or "Flying Knife" cutter was developed to cut bakery products, manufactured from a continuously mixed batter, as they are transported on conveyors or on the oven band.

Sponge cake, biscuit, marshmallow, toffee, nougat, pet foods and almost all food produce can be cut very accurately with a straight line, cut at 90° to the band whilst moving at a variable baking or packing speed. Longitudinal slitting, positioning, layering and rolling machines are perfect supplements to the "Roll-Nife" ensuring an exacting repeatability throughout the longest of production runs.

Muffin Case Denesters

Automatic Crimped Paper Case Separator and Depositor
The Cup Case Depositor or Muffin Case De-nester was originally designed by Rational Automation. Although imitated by many, it remains the best available.

Nests of cases are stacked, at the required pitches in magazines above the machine. They are withdrawn from below by Vacuum Suction Heads and pass through the first separation stage as they leave the magazine. The downward motion is momentarily arrested whilst a second separation stage takes place. This very effectively frees the cases on the Suction Heads from any others should they remain attached. Once separated, the Suction Heads pass further down into the third stage where and should any surplus cases remain lingering, any loose cases are returned to the magazine by small jets of compressed air. After the second stage the Suction Heads, each firmly holding a single case, continue a downward motion to clear the separation stages, rotate 1800 and dispense the paper cases into baking trays or directly onto a conveyor.

Rational’s patented Suction Heads and Vacuum Manifold system achieves an outstanding rate of single deposits of aluminium foils with minimal case distortion, which in most instances could not be matched by manual methods.

All De-nesters are custom built to suit any baking plant or packing line using crimped foil or crimped paper muffin cases. The basic design allows for considerable latitude in the positioning of the unit and is suitable for most conveyors or oven bands.